Building the company’s image on LinkedIn

Building the company’s image on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a place that was created not only for managers, HR managers, CEO’s and people looking for a job.

  • Skivak
  • 21.11.2018
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LinkedIn had to conquer the American market at the beginning. It’s complicated business model didn’t allow it to go outside the US and we could think that in Poland it wouldn’t  gain much popularity, especially because the local Polish market didn’t wait for it’s invitation LinkedIn clones started appearing, for example GoldenLine, which was doing very well in Poland.

After the changes in LinkedIn strategy, it expanded the range of its capabilities and also in full readiness has entered other markets. In Poland during the three years of its presence (in the Polish language version) it gained one million users and for now it has two millions polish users who are confident in using the benefits of LinkedIn.

However this doesn’t  affect the presence of brands in LinkedIn environment – still only a small number of companies in Poland create  their company page on LinkedIn. Why? Let’s take a  closer look at which brands should appear on LinkedIn and how they can attract followers to their company pages.

Who should create a LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn is a place that was created not only for managers, HR managers, CEO’s and people looking for a job.  It’s also a good place for brands from various branches of industry. For example companies from digital and technological industries, global corporations and freelancers will perfectly fit in LinkedIn environment. Of course, we have to remember that the presence of a company profile on any social media platform is not obligatory, so before we’ll start to create a company page on LinkedIn we’ll have to consider a few aspects.

Where should you start?

Before you create a company page on LinkedIn, you should consider writing down a strategy containing your company presence  on LinkedIn. Ask yourself – what is your business goal, what is the reason and how you will measure the effects of your actions. The next step is to specify your main target from the business point of view – who do you want to contact with this message? Next, you have to create  the publication schedule and theme of your posts, you can divide them into different creative lines. Don’t forget to match all content to your  audience. You want to reach professionals in a different way than a potential customers, right?

Don’t forget about your visual communication. Emphasize the nature of your company, and strengthen its image with  your company key visuals. Also – prepare yourself properly and  a crisis management strategy.. LinkedIn is a place for professionals, also from your branch, so one small slip can cost you a lot, especially in building the company’s image.

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What type of content is worth to publish?

It all depends on the profile of the company’s activity, what exactly do you want to share on the profile and to whom you are directing your message. You can divide your content into more expert field that will interest your colleagues, partners and maybe some clients. You can as well publish content lighter in nature – show your CSR activities, tell your audience about events in which your company took part or which one it chooses.

On LinkedIn it’s also worth emphasizing the employer branding values – publish not only job offers but also info about employees, statistics related to your company, reports on employee events, etc. Remember that you will attract future employees by showing them the true face of your company and by the way you will establish a bond with existing employees. This will allow them to voluntarily share content from the company’s page on their own LinkedIn profiles. You can also share some curiosities from the industry, CEO quotes or showing interesting  statistics – it’s all up to you.

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You have probably heard that you can also advertise your company on LinkedIn? Yes, you can! What’s more – LinkedIn has recently introduced huge changes in its advertising manager, which make life much easier for marketers. Currently, depending on your needs, you can promote website posts – text, graphics or video. You can still create dedicated messages in InMail campaigns, which are also well-suited to the recruitment process. You can also encourage users to follow your page and advertise action data with a short text entry.

Unfortunately, the advertising rates on LinkedIn are still counted in euros, so you have remember about  the increased costs of the campaign, but the effects can be really satisfactory, especially for recruiters.


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