Effective brand communication on Instagram.

Effective brand communication on Instagram.

Effective communication on Instagram is challenging for many brands. In this article you will find out who should have an account on Instagram, how to talk to users and how to stand out from the competition and run effective promotional and image activities on Instagram.

  • Skivak
  • 11.09.2019
  • 5 minutes

Instagram is an excellent marketing tool that supports building desirable image among its users. However, before creating a company profile, you should consider whether it is the right place for promoting your product.


The most important aspect of building a marketing strategy is answering the question of who our target group is. Once we set the target, we can properly match the tools supporting promotion. Currently, according to the PBI and Gemius data, over 8 million Poles use Instagram.  73 percent of them are women. This platform is the perfect touchpoint for fashion, makeup and fit brands. They have long treated it as a great place to display their products. The most neglected group in the Instagram area are men – but this makes them a very attractive receiving group for marketers.

The most widely represented group are people between 13 and 35 years old.

It is worth remembering that not every company must have an Instagram account – presence on every social platform is not mandatory. Analysis of the initial situation before the starting any activities will not only save us time but also money for promotion – which can be located in other, perhaps more valuable, marketing activities.


Instagram brand communication must be consistent – it’s certainly a slogan you’ve heard before. What does this mean? Proper communication of the brand with its customers must be homogeneous and must carry the unitary message. That is why all of the available tools must fulfill a specific role. Facebook, depending on the sector of activity, is increasingly becoming a business card page from where users get basic information about the brand (contact, user reviews, product range, working hours, menu). Instagram has a complementary role. Once it was treated as a place to show backstage from the company’s professional activities. Today it is a place where we can present creativity, atmosphere and the spirit of the brand. It is a very aesthetic medium that can perfectly sell (sCommerce and eCommerce), but also build brand awareness.

The book-built communication strategy on Instagram should consist of in-depth SWOT analysis, competition analysis, description of target groups and sample people who are the most typical representatives of our groups. Still, we must not forget about the appropriate language of communication for our users and the creation of a homogeneous communication line, characteristic for a particular brand.

If you have problems identifying any of the above aspects, let us know! We will help you create a profile that not only speaks but also enters into dialogue and sells!


Communication in social media is characterized by brevity. Long posts, especially those published on company profiles, are not read by users. That is why short and catchy copy is the key to success.

It is worth checking what slang our clients use. Shortening the distance with the brand and establishing active contact can occur just when we become a companion for conversation users, which broadcasts with them on the same waves. The success of influencers is primarily due to their proximity to users.


Instagram users have seen almost everything;) It’s hard to surprise them, which is why the materials you will publish must be unique and characteristic for your brand. Only unique and homogeneous content will be engaging for users. What is unique? Materials created exclusively for this medium. This platform is developing quite dynamically, and the most important feature of the publication is timeliness. Feed posts must have their own unique style and consistency – not only in the communication of the entire brand, but also in mutual correspondence.

When creating engaging content, you must not limit yourself to the possibilities that the platform provides us. All new products introduced by the website will be higher in range to encourage users to use their capabilities. This is how users felt in love with instaStories and all their functionalities. Surveys, quizzes or gifs – let’s not be afraid of them, and they will build engagement and reach for free.


Paid promotion is just one of the solutions to build a committed and loyal community. In order to contact the target group, it is worth coming out with active communication towards them. Commenting on their photos, as well as photos of their favorite opinion leaders is the key to increase brand awareness, as well as showing the unique character of a given company. In the era of ubiquitous bots, however, it’s worth focusing on the quality of the message, not the quantity. In order to actively communicate with users, become partners and best friends of your clients, check out important events in their lives and do not be afraid to monitor their profiles on a regular basis. Such activities are unfortunately a rarity, which, however, is very much appreciated by users of social platforms.


All of the social media have common goals: to increase awareness, build image, sell a product or service. Each of them implements them in different ways, but they work for themselves as a support. Mutual communication referring to other media is the basis for effective actions. If you would like to get more involvement on YouTube, use the medium which is at a satisfactory level and send users from it to a specific channel. Promote your Instagram account on Facebook and the current contest on YouTube on Facebook and Instagram. Remember that the brand should speak one voice, using all available tools.