Fan engagement is the best measure of brand success.

Fan engagement is the best measure of brand success.

From the fan to the brand ambassador – your followers can follow this path. If you let them. Build a commitment and you’ll gain more than you think! Why is it so important? Check.

  • Skivak
  • 21.05.2019
  • 4 minutes

Do you have your own profile on social media? Then you know for sure this feeling in which you add your photo, for example: from holidays, and when your friends likes and comments it, it makes you feel good, right? You think then that this photo you have just made share: a) presents you favorably and your self-esteem grows as you read positive comments, b) you are super popular person and your friends are keen on watching you and are interested in your life, c) you are a great photographer and you should send this photo to the photo competition.
There are a lot of examples, but that’s not the point. It is about the success that you have achieved, adding one photo, and gaining … the involvement of your friends. Bravo! This success is the success of your own brand. Put it now on a specific brand.

A measurable effect

Engagement is one of the indicators that measure the success of the brand’s presence strategy in Social Media. What do I mean? Let me explain. First of all – engagement is every kind of interaction that users will leave in the social media brand profile. Instagram has a heart, a comment or an answer to the brand’s insta stories. There are many more on Facebook – each reaction left under the post (do you know that Wrr’s and Sorrow’s reactions are measured as negative according to the Facebook algorithm ??) All of it works for a benefits for the brand. Yes, also on Linkedin has it – recommendations, sharing and comments.

Pure profit

I mentioned above that engagement work for a benefits for brand, but how – you might ask? Well, every form of followers engagement works for a greater range. This means that the content of your brand goes much further than you think. It is possible that you will even reach the viral level if you try. Greater range is not the only benefit that comes from the followers’ engagement. Well, by watching what form of content enjoys the most popularity, you can update the brand’s strategy on a regular basis. Then – you can only climb higher until you reach your communication goals.

Followers. Fan. Ambassador.

Okay, you already know that with the increase of engagement, the reach is growing, that it is important for the brand’s strategy and building its success. Now you can read about what is the biggest form of success for the brand account in social media – not the number of followers, not super ranges, nor good advertising campaigns. The greatest success of the brand is the acquisition of its Ambassadors.
Who is the Brand Ambassador? It’s the person you fished out of the crowd of Fans who were your followers, of course. The brand ambassador is an honest Fan brand who will always stand up for the brand, will recommend it further and will also look after its good marketing. It’s a person you’ll be involved with for a long time – take care of her and she will look after you and for advertising, good advertising – in natural form.

The brand ambassador eagerly engages in the life of a brand he likes, only because he likes it, that the brand is proven, uses its products or services, is satisfied. It’s not an employee, it’s a real fan. And believe us, this fan will bring many other future fans to the brand.

Brand for the Ambassador

Remember to appreciate your Ambassador over time. Do you have a group on facebook? Give your ambassador an administrator role. Is he your client? Give him new products to test, let him speak on the fanpage about it. Reward his activity – offer discounts, send gift boxes. Use his commitment – enter him into the strategy, cooperate with him in competitions, special actions, etc. You will see that you will gain more from it than you think!



Would you like to become a brand ambassador? Come into a brands world and get involved in the whole cycle of its life. Send photos to the company profile, talk about the brand well, get involved in its social media profiles, establish contact and build a relationship. Trust us, on the other side of the Messenger, the moderators see it and know what to do next! ?