Four seasons in social media 

Four seasons in social media 

The four seasons function not only in Vivaldi’s work, but also in the everyday life of each of us. Hence, this cycle evokes in us certain habits, interests and needs. Each of us in the winter pulls out a coat or a warm jacket from the wardrobe, and in the summer looks for effective ways to refresh yourself. The same cycle directly applies to social media content. How? Check.

  • Skivak
  • 28.10.2019
  • 3 minutes

Cyclicity and linearity

There is a form of cyclicality in social media that is repeatable and similar in consumer behavior. It depends on, among others seasons and cycles important for the life of the brand (e.g. Black Friday), which are associated with the habits of the brand’s target group. However, linearity also appears in social media. In the form of a steady step forward, with a distinction between past, present and future.

And while in social media, cyclicality will generate the perfect moment to publish a specific form of content, such as: seasonal sales at the end of summer of a given brand’s products, in this case linearity will constitute the golden code of rules, which requires us not to duplicate content and remember about what has already been published in this subject, what will be published now and what we will do with a similar form of content in the future.

The opportunity makes social media manager!

In the division of the whole year into four seasons, we can also distinguish smaller, but not worse, ideal moments for publishing a specific form of content. These are of course holidays and Christmas moments (excellent especially in industries where you can find gifts for loved ones), but they are also smaller occasions – International Chocolate Day in the confectionery industry or Blue Monday, which calls for buy yourself a present for a better mood.

These small opportunities make a good excuse to publish the right form of content on social media channels and get the right interaction on it. In addition, they can bring us many fans if they are dressed in a pleasant humorous accent and create viral content for us that will spread all over the Internet. And if we’re already at viral, then …


If you don’t have the perfect organizer and you focus on spontaneity, then real time marketing also helps. There are many moments that you can catch on to the image of your own brand and profit from sales. The indisputable champions in this category are various brands, including Netflix, Ikea or Krakus.

You are only limited by your imagination regarding this type of content. However, remember not to offend anyone with your RTM post, sometimes it is worth doing a corridor test and finding out if it is understandable for a larger group than just for the creators 😊