Groups on Facebook – what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Groups on Facebook – what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Facebook is a place where we create our own community in which we have constant contact with them, share valuable moments in life, ask for advice, update statuses, upload photos and videos. How can this phenomenon be used in running a company website on Facebook? Let’s see!

  • Skivak
  • 28.06.2019
  • 3 minutes

Brand community

Each company page on Facebook has its fans and followers. Some of them are more active on her profile, others less, and others … just observe out fanpage. Nevertheless, they all form the brand’s community and want to be closer to it, to know what is going on in it, and to be able to interact with it.

For the brand, this community is also important. In the end, it includes her clients, partners, employees, potential employees, as well as fans. It is they who make the purchase, review, and comment on whether they give their likes under posts. How to use it, besides standard means of communication on the fanpage?

Perfect space

In order to build a lasting relationship with fans of our brand, we should always listen to them carefully, observe their actions, draw conclusions and be not afraid to talk. While running a fanpage, we have specific actions that result from the communication strategy – we know what to post, how to do it and how to conduct all communication, to be satisfactory for each party. However, we should also ensure that our followers always have the opportunity to express themselves at their own convenience and time, not only in the comments on the post, private messages or reviews. And here groups on facebook can help – it’s a perfect space for communication, but also for building a closer relationship between the brand and its fans.

Group group uneven

Groups on Facebook is a perfect place for fans who can post their own posts, ask questions, create surveys, etc. on a topic related to your brand. It is also a great opportunity to gather user generated content that you can continue to spread on your official social media channels.

Do not be afraid that there will be chaos in the group and you will not be able to control what is happening in it. You can create group rules that will be used by both admins and moderators (and if so, it will also be the basis for hiding or erasing negative statements), but also for group users.

Remember that the group should be thematic, in the end it was created for some purpose, right?  Ideally, the topic directly concerns your brand, eg if you run a fanpage of a brand that has nutritional products, then a great idea about the theme for the group will be recipes, and if it’s cosmetics – it can concern advice about makeup or taking care of your skin.

How to start?

If you already have an idea about the theme for your group, put it as a page, update the information, add a photo and here a big profit from facebook – you can invite all followers to join her.

We offer you not to develop content plans for publication in a group, just be spontanious, read, observe, ask and draw conclusions.

 Your fans will have an ideal space for statements about your products or services, and you will be able to enter into active dialogue with them.