How to run a brand’s business profile in Social Media

How to run a brand’s business profile in Social Media

A difficult industry doesn’t exist!

  • Skivak
  • 05.02.2019
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Before you start a company account in Social Media – think about where this path leads and whether it is definitely a good direction. Check out our tips on how to run a business profile in Social Media!

The brand’s presence in Social Media in the 21st century seems to be obligatory, but does it really apply to every platform? Is it worth to keep an active brand profile literally everywhere?

The answer is – no.

So how to adapt the social media to identify the brand, mission and value? How to run a business profile of the brand in Social Media? What is worth to invest in, what to give up, where to be and where not? Let’s see.

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What is the purpose of your Social Media profile?

Above all, the difficult industry does not exist. Social media meet the brands, offering a whole range of possibilities, however, it is worth remembering that what is too much is not healthy. While Facebook itself seems to be the most universal platform in social media, it won’t bring many business benefits to some industries. However, this doesn’t mean that we have to give up the presence in Social Media just because of the specificity of the brand’s business profile.

When we have to decide about running a company’s brand profile in Social Media, we must ask ourselves the basic question – what is its purpose? Are we able to establish new business contacts through sales on Facebook, improve sales and can reach more commercial partners with the offer? But if this channel doesn’t meet any business purpose, that supports the functioning of the brand, then it is worth considering a different channel. Building a brand image is also a business goal, but it will not bring valuable benefits on every social media platforms.

If the brand deals with more professional services or sells products addressed to the entire branch of specialists, experts, or business partners, then it is best to emphasize its presence on a dedicated business platform ( tips on how to use this platform you will find HERE). LinkedIn is not a platform dedicated only for looking for a job, but it is a great place to present the brand’s image from the level of specialist knowledge.

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Where to run an account on Social Media?

The second, important, question that you should ask yourself, when you want to set up a corporate account in social media, is: who is your audience ? The choice of the appropriate Social Media platform depends on this factor. Especially if you are targeting to young people and want to sell them a great, fresh product that is perfect for teenagers and students. We’ve already told you how to use the power of S-commerce HERE, but that’s not all! Take advantage of other platforms to emphasize the character of your brand. Young people like everything what is expressive and help them express themselves – think about your presence on Snapchat (especially if you are directing your product to the 16-18 age group), Instagram – also works when you introduce a product line for people older than 25 years but also on Tik Tok, which introduced a certain breath of freshness in Social Media among today’s youth.


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What to publish on the brand profile?

What to publish on the brand’s business profile? The best content is consistent with the values ​​that your brand presents! Remember that the Internet doesn’t forget and if you decide to show a real face, it will be your basic guideline for building content plan and posting. Don’t be afraid of originality, creation and ideas – everything that will allow your followers to get closer to the brand will pay off in the future. Even if it is a complicated industry and sooooo specialized!

The Social Media world doesn’t end only on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Tik Tok. Do you remember the old, good YouTube? It is also a great place to present content consistent with the activities of your brand! All tips, visuals, instructional videos, teasers, etc. they will create the perfect content for the brand’s business profile. If you want a more static but still visual content, take the direction of Pinterest, where you can also sell your products!


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Or maybe … take a chance and appear on Twitter? We don’t say no! This platform in Poland enjoys interest mainly journalists and politicians, but it can also be well used, even by observing and actively incorporating the brand’s life into trends.


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