Life outside of Facebook – other social networking sites

Life outside of Facebook – other social networking sites

It might seem that Facebook, a portal created in 2004, dominated the Internet so much that there is no alternative for it. Presence on the web is equal to presence on the website of Mark Zuckerberg. Nothing could be more wrong…

  • Skivak
  • 29.11.2018
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Sewn siblings of Facebook

Although the media have been claiming the fall of the giant for several years, it seems that it will not happen soon. Although the latest reports say that the popularity of portal in the group of users under 25 in the United States has decreased – globally Facebook is doing well. It currently has some 2.3 billion users and the percentage of annual growth is still double-digit.

The decrease in popularity among the youngest, however, did not escape the giant’s attention and it quickly invested in the development of websites in its portfolio: Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, which gained more functionalities. In the long term they should be an alternative to Facebook functionalities and at the same time, be attractive to school-age users.

In this field, Instagram definitely stands out. This sibling brother was purchased for about a billion dollars in 2012. The creation of the “Instagram stories” section resulted in 400 million users using “Stories” in January 2018. This number is growing rapidly, and Instagram itself is dangerously similar to its older brother. The change in the position of CEO confirms this – a few months ago, Adam Mosseri, one of the most trusted people of Mark Zuckerberg and the creator of the “feed” in its current version, took over the reins of Instagram.

Messenger and WhatsApp are also the alternatives for young users, however, the recent movements of the developers of these applications suggest a return to the original form of messengers. Information exchange and integration with platforms in the Facebook ecosystem will be crucial. In the context of marketing – providing tools for creating useful chatbots. Nevertheless, they are treated as separate beings and can be treated as an alternative.


Send me a snap

Do you remember 2013, when Facebook tried to buy Snapchat for 3 billion dollars? The application, which is popular among teens, grew out of the idea of ​​sexting and became a legitimate competitor of the Facebook.

Snapchat’s amazing development was inhibited (though not entirely) only through the use of most of his key functions in the improvement of Facebook, Messenger, and above all, Instagram. Why do we need the dedicated application for “Stories”, if we can see exactly the same on almost every social platform? Unfortunately, life outside Facebook on Snapchat exists, but only if you are a teenage hipster. The advantage of products from the Facebook ecosystem is growing all the time.

Medium – an alternative for bloggers

If I had to guess which option will be improved on Facebook in the upcoming months – probably I would choose infamous notes. Originally clumsy, unintuitive, later a bit more aesthetic, but impossible to promote. The only Facebook text form (except profile names) that really positioned  on Google has been so neglected, that it is difficult to find any search engine for notes at the moment.

But however, there is a solution for it. There is an alternative for enthusiasts of the written word in a form longer than the average entry on Facebook or Twitter (it was created for this purpose ). The portal is called Medium and despite the ups (growth of users) and downs (poor monetization strategy of the portal) is a real threat to Facebook as a provider of valuable content.

An attempt to aggregate all articles on the feed, resulted that existing publishers who built their power around Facebook slowly began to turn away from the Zuckerberg platform. Many of them focused their activities on SEO and opted exclusively for organic activities on Facebook.

On the other hand, bloggers either put on their own platforms, or focused their attention on one of the alternatives – for example on The platform allows you to publish blog content and promotes valuable articles by paying the most popular authors. Thanks to this, has become a competition not only for Facebook Notes, but also for websites of popular traditional media.

Polish yard

I had an affair with three big Polish communities in my life (although there were more of them!). Firstly it was, which did not stand the test of time. Later, well-known appeared, which had to compete overseas and evolved into the online games website for teenagers – NK. In the meantime, I got to know the community (it exists since 2005 ). There was even a moment, when I was one of the top 20 portal users.

Wykop is referred to the social news portal. The whole game involves sharing links (usually links) and voting for the most interesting ones and the microblog, similar to Twitter. This is an obvious tracing of the western, but the community built around the site meant that Wykop became a separate and unique entity in the country. Excavation users have repeatedly proved that they can act in a common cause and lead to often surprising situations (such as the cosmic scandal, whose users have massively thrown cosmos-related content in protest against changes on the portal). It is worth visiting, if only because to know what mood is currently prevailing on the Polish Internet.

Can I opt out of Facebook?

Of course, it is currently difficult to get away from products that are integrated with the Facebook ecosystem. You can try one of the alternatives within this ecosystem and wait for the inevitable linking of platforms… or test Medium, Wykop, Snapchat or any other portal – depending on what content you want to watch or publish. However, it should be remembered that social media with a large number of users offers the greatest opportunities. And here Facebook products dominate.

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