Personalization and dynamic content – how to use them in digital?

Personalization and dynamic content – how to use them in digital?

The 21st century is a time when consumers spend a large part of their time on the Internet. Brands are fighting to attract the attention of their potential customers, spending more and more money on digital campaigns.

  • Skivak
  • 07.01.2020
  • 3 minutes

Nowadays, the challenge is to achieve a maximum return on paid campaigns on social media. It’s easy to “burn” the big budget, but achieving a high return on investment is definitely more complicated. One of the ideas to achieve these ambitious goals is content personalization, which still seems to be underestimated by marketers.

Well-personalized ads and content bring better results, and thanks to their use we are more confident that after clicking them, Internet users decide to buy. In the era of AdBlock, extremely popular in Poland, the use of formats adapted to recipients engages them, higher conversion rates, improves brand loyalty and increases revenues.

Evergage data shows that although personalization is used by 92% of all marketers, the main place of their activity remains mailing campaigns – and yet it is only a fraction of the possibilities that personalization gives us!

Here are some of the best-performing techniques that you can use to improve your campaign results::

Website personalization

Personalization of content combined with personalized ads is a perfect duo! Personalization can be both contextual (based on the location or type of device from which it is viewed) and behavioral (related to previously viewed pages) or demographic (based on gender, age, education etc.). Thanks to this, by getting to our website the client can be shown directions to the nearest store. Depending on the weather, a different set of products may appear on the home page (even during heavy rain – umbrellas and rain boots). When such a site recognizes that we are viewing it on an outdated phone, it may offer to buy the latest model. The examples can be multiplied without end.


This is a great example of dynamic, personalized content. The use of chatbot on your brand’s Messenger will provide the user not only with personalized interaction. After contacting the brand, the user can later receive from it e.g. a short survey or content tailored to his previous inquiry. And all without extra costs!


Let’s not forget about Facebook Pixel! By placing it in the code of our website, we take our Facebook and Instagram ads to a new level! Pixel collects data about users of our website, thanks to which our Facebook campaign can later remind you of an abandoned cart during the morning scrolling of social media or recommend products complementary to those that the customer had previously purchased from us.

Data from personalized sites

Thanks to personalized websites, we are not only able to provide relevant content to Internet users, but also collect information about them, thanks to which our ads will become better tailored to the recipients. Based on customer journey, we can adjust the style of subsequent advertising creations, recommended product groups or subpages to display.

Content personalization is your brand’s best friend on social media. Thanks to the use of appropriate tools, the possibilities of its use are almost unlimited, and the results achieved using it – thanks to the accuracy and almost perfect matching – are spectacular.