Recent –  another breakthrough in Instagram Stories is coming

Recent –  another breakthrough in Instagram Stories is coming

When it comes to Instagram’s functionalities, browsing Instastories is slowly becoming more important for users than viewing photos uploaded to followed profiles and feed.

  • Skivak
  • 02.08.2019
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Instagram has become a social medium, for which users put their content in a very thoughtful and conceptual way. In a moment another Instagram feature will be added to the game – this time on Instastories – thanks to which users will be able to more accurately plan the content provided by their relationships in the application.

Capture now, post later

The function was noticed by @giuseppe_twt on his Twitter profile. He noticed that all the content captured by his camera in the Instagram application (both photos and videos) is available there for the next 7 days and is not deleted.



The user can freely return to them within a week and publish them in their Stories. The feature is currently being tested on selected profiles, but it will soon be introduced for a wider pool of application users.

Departure from the roots

Saved photos and videos allow users to refine their Stories, making them more thought-out and attractive to the followers. On the one hand, it is a bit of a departure from the original assumptions of Snapchat, from which all the so-called social media stories coverage (it was supposed to be short video and photos, “raw” in its form, as authentic as possible, disappearing from the application after 24 hours). On the other – access to all captured videos and photos gives users the possibility to refine the published content. This should be reflected in the amount of materials published using this function, as users are more likely to share good quality content in their network.

Recent –  influencers’ friend

Recent will certainly be appreciated by influencers who actively cooperate with large brands. Catching the perfect shot or the best moment during a given event is extremely important for the influencer’s work. Of course, the limitations can be circumvented using camera recording on the phone, and then the edited best image or video can be loaded to the app – however, remember that Instagram has special algorithms that cause compression and loss of content quality loaded from the other folders to the application. Thanks to the new feature, the publishers will not have to struggle with the loss of quality of their photos and videos, and at the same time have the chance to fine-tune their content before publishing on their channel.

The potential of Instastories

There is no denying that the application is the most potential for development at Instastories, and recently all changes and improvements apply to this Instagram feature. And it turns out to be a percentage, because large brands do not remain indifferent to these changes – according to recent reports, brands are more and more willingly allocate funds for advertising activities using just Instagram Stories.

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