Remarketing – why has it stopped irritating us?

Remarketing – why has it stopped irritating us?

There are ads on every website we visit. We see them more than less, due to the fact that they are well-thought-out actions of marketers who win the fight against all blockades. Of course, they are not always hit, or at least we think so… Why, however, stopped irritating us that the product advertisements that we saw on a dedicated website follow us all over the network?

  • Skivak
  • 06.11.2019
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This is a type of campaign that is conducted for potential customers who have already visited the site but did not convert. These types of ads are displayed on various websites and on social media, which results in the effect of “following us”. Literally.

These ads are displayed to different target groups. They can be very narrow, e.g. if the women’s shoe sales campaign run by a shoe display shop should reach women who have already visited a display shop for these products, because the likelihood of them returning and making a purchase is very high. This does not exclude the chance that the same campaign will be shown to men who are in a relationship – because, the chance that they will make a purchase for their second half is equally high. How do we know that? Because they had to visit this site before and browse women’s footwear 😉

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How it’s working?

All you need is a website that has the appropriate script that saves cookies on every site visitor. Each subpage should have a script, which gives more advertising opportunities to the offer, which was interesting for a potential customer, and thus – increases the chance of purchase.

Advantages of remarketing

For sellers, it’s the perfect way to increase sales. An advertisement that reminds you of a product that we were interested in, and we did not buy it at the moment, creates the opportunity to return to the store and buy it at a later time. In addition, a product that was of interest to a potential customer may be associated with other similar products that may also interest him and be purchased by him. In this way, we also build a long-term relationship with the customer, as well as a positive image of the company in the minds of customers, and of course, this translates into profit for the company.

Why has remarketing stopped irritating us?

The consumer in the 21st century has a difficult task if he wants to make a purchase. Among the range of offers from the market, he has a lot to choose from and can afford to be crazy. This is where remarketing comes in handy, which gently reminds him of the benefits of their products, but also leaves a mark in the subconscious mind of a potential customer, which helps make the final purchase decision.

Consumer are no longer annoyed by ads that remind them of their dreamy dreams about a product that they were watching perhaps in anticipation of payment. We are not irritated by suggestions of similar products that we may like, because we bought another. We are not angry anymore at offering gifts for husband, wife, grandmother, mother or uncle, because we have no idea for them alone.

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And above all, we do not get irritated at remarketing, because it is more convenient for us to buy a product at any time, in any place, without leaving the house, and if it “reminds us” about it after payment, then … nothing will irritate us 😊