Screen Sharing Feature – Messenger will allow you to share your screen with your friends

Screen Sharing Feature – Messenger will allow you to share your screen with your friends

Facebook is testing another novelty! This time – screen sharing in the Messenger application.

  • Skivak
  • 16.10.2019
  • 2 minutes

Probably most of us can not imagine life without Messenger installed on the phone. This application connected with Facebook for chatting, conversations and sending files has become so popular that at this time phones with the Android operating system do not even allow private conversations on Facebook without referring to the tab with downloading Messenger in the Google Play application.

Another innovations form Facebook

Although many reports says that Facebook is spying on our messages, eavesdropping on us and watching photos sent by Messenger, the Internet giant is still trying to encourage us to use the app introducing new functions. Another of them is screen sharing, function that we won’t use in apps like WhatsApp or iMessage on iOS.

So far, when we wanted to share the content of our screen with someone, the easiest way was using Skype or Google Hangouts. But the problem is, for example, in the case of the free version of Skype – you can only share your screen with one person for free.

How it’s working?

The screen sharing function is available for test in the audio or video connection mode on Messenger. When the user turns on screen sharing, the camera will be turned off and chat users will be able to see the main user’s screen content. Importantly, this option is also available during group conversations. This creates opportunities to organize e.g. micro-webinars with Messenger. It works great e.g. during group conversations related to work or other projects.

On Android mobile devices, the screen share function will only work if the user has given Messenger permission to capture screen content, so if we have not agreed to it, we do not have to worry that the screen content will suddenly reach an unauthorized group.

Peeping – but what next?

In the test version, users could only share the screen view with their interlocutor – the other party did not have any possibility of any interference in what is happening on the phone of the provider. This option may appear in the future, but we don’t have any further details yet. For now, the function is under testing, available to selected users of the Messenger platform.

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