User Generated Content on social media

User Generated Content on social media

User Generated Content (or UGC) is all texts, films, images and reviews created by private profiles. Brands often choose to share such content about their products or services on their official profiles. What are the benefits and advantages of this strategy for the company?

  • Skivak
  • 27.08.2019
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Instagram is the most popular platform where users share unique content they’ve created. They often present the products, share opinions about them or report on the places where they use various services. It’s definitely worth monitoring Instagramer’s activities regarding our brand and actively including their posts in our content plans. Why?

First of all: authenticity

Consumers are more likely to react to content generated by ordinary users than created by large brands. Most of them are of the opinion that descriptions of products created by companies are not objective and do not trust them. This is one of the reasons why you should focus on content reposted by users – it will definitely increase the brand’s credibility. Such content shared from other accounts is later very popular among fans of a given profile, so thanks to such activities we will certainly be able to improve the indicators of activity and involvement of followers.

Impact of UGC on purchasing decisions

According to Business Wire, more than 80% of Internet users say that UGC has a significant impact on their decision to buy a given product or service. Sharing positive experiences related to the brand allows you to convince the undecided to shop or take advantage of the offer of a given place. Reaching authentic, positive opinions to a wider audience will certainly result in increased interest in the brand and increased sales.

How to do it right?

We don’t need to convince you any further that publishing such content is just a benefit for the brand. But how to share it correctly, while maintaining all the unwritten rules of online netiquette? First of all – always ask for permission. Publishing photos on the brand profile without the knowledge and consent of the author of such content is unacceptable. Before using a repost from a given account, in the commentary below the original photo, which we would like to share, ask the user if he agrees. Good news: usually Instagrammers do not see obstacles and are happy to share their content 😉 However, we should remember to always mark the author in the post and – if we have the opportunity – offer something in return, e.g. a discount on our brand’s products.


We try to introduce User generated content to the accounts of our clients. One example is the Instagram Raben Group, where from time to time there are photos of Raben Trucks sent by fans of the site, or photos of drivers spending their free time on the road.

This is great support for the company’s image-related activities, helping to create the image of Raben Group as an employer offering interesting and challenging work.



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Are you ready for spring time? Are you doing a summer form? Check how @adrian_trucker_paker does it – nothing is impossible! #beautyoflogistics #rabenpointofview #raben #sport #fit #trucker

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Creative competitions are also an idea to encourage recipients to create brand-related content. We are currently running a competition for the GS1 brand, in which fans come up with innovative applications of standards used in the company or photograph those that have already appeared in public space.


W zeszłym roku Wasze prace zrobiły na nas tak ogromne wrażenie, że postanowiliśmy w tym roku zorganizować II edycję…

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If you want to read more about engaging fans in building a community around your brand, look here. And if you need help building a strategy for your brand that actively uses UGC – write to us at