What’s new in Social Media? Trends and forecasts for the coming months.

What’s new in Social Media? Trends and forecasts for the coming months.

The world of social media is constantly rushing in a search of better and better ways to attract even more users. What did these efforts look like? What are the trends and forecasts for the coming months? Let’s check it.

  • Skivak
  • 19.06.2019
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At the beginning of the year we wrote about the trends for this year in social media (see here) and the direction of giants of social media platforms on the market. What is the situation in the middle of the year? What has the strongest punching power, which has the strongest effect on followers, and what turned out to be a false alarm?

In-the-moment content

Undoubtedly, an interesting move from Facebook and Instagram, is to share every kind of content type called here and now. Stories are currently the best type of content to share on every social media platform. Users are not only more willing to watch them, but also are more willing to add them, actively reporting every moment of their everyday life. Not only private profiles, but also companies care about publishing as many Stories as possible, on their social channels. Why is this happening? Well, this kind of content is easy to create, it reaches the community very quickly and … it is a kind of fun. The possibilities the Stories give us are huge! Stickers, gifs, interesting visual effects, interactivity, AR, it all rise our form of communication to the next level and even from the usual picture we want to upload (in the form of stories) we can share the original content with cool effects.

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User generated content

Business accounts in social media that eagerly share content from their fans … are gaining in popularity! This is due to the fact that such content enjoys great involvement of followers and additionally conquers organic ranges. It is therefore worth continuing in this direction and encouraging fans to create and share content that refers to the brand directly or indirectly and share it on their profiles in social media.

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Social media is an investment

This trend will certainly be less enjoyable for business account owners in social media, but it can not be hidden, that it is growing in strength. We’re talking about ads. It would seem that this well has no bottom and unfortunately, this is true. Observing the organic ranges now, we see that they are getting lower and less valuable. Companies face a huge challenge to acquire new followers or if they want to raise their ranges (without investing in content), they have to stretch and bench and despite the effort they put into this gymnastics, the effects can be miserable. But no worries! There are also ways to do it 😉 However, we advise you – don’t close yourself to social media advertising, just try to create original creations and it will certainly bring you the expected results.

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What about these influencers?

It would seem that the soap bubble has burst and the beginning of the end of the influencer marketing trend is ahead of us. Keep calm. Nothing happens. Brands are still willing to cooperate with influencers, but also with microinfluencers, who have become equally valuable, due to the stronger emotional connection with the ordinary user. In Social Media, the opinions of other users and post-purchase experiences are still valued, which we do not have to experience subjectively, but we observe their course in others, including microinfluencers and influencers.

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