Your website traffic is down – what should you do?

Your website traffic is down – what should you do?

Have you noticed an unexpected outflow of users in the statistics of your site? Don’t panic! Read our checklist of the 5 most important things to check, when traffic indicators on your website are not satisfactory.

  • Skivak
  • 13.06.2019
  • 2 minutes

 1. Check your penalties

From who? From Google itself! We divide such punishments into algorithmic ones, related to the use of practices against the Google guidelines, and manual ones. The latter are hand-imposed by employees of the Internet giant for the use of bad practices. Depending on the type of punishment, our site may get a drop in the ranking from 10 to even 50%.

Where to check it? Use Google Search Console and check notifications. Penalties are usually imposed for the use of content that is duplicate content or spam. If you use the services of SEO positioning company – be sure to pay attention to them (and moreover – its time to start looking for a new SEO company to cooperate with 😉

2. Compare the traffic sources on the page

This will help you determine what type of traffic has fallen on your site and find out which activities are worth investing to fix. For example – if it is direct traffic, it is worth taking appropriate PR actions. Social – increase advertising budgets on social media platforms and optimize your existing campaigns.

3. Check the backlinks

If you have noticed that the traffic rate on the page has dropped from references (referral traffic) – maybe lately something has happened, that has made your competition more readily cited? Update the content on the website, intensify its sharing in your social channels (of course, in a refreshed version). Also check if your content has been duplicated on a site that contains a lot of spam. It is worth to intervene and ensure that the link to your site disappeared from this site.

4. Check the competition

It is worth taking a look at the practices that competitors use on their websites. Perhaps, by publishing fresh, interesting content, some users of your site have taken over. Analyze your strategy well in terms of their actions and offer their users something that will make us stand out from their background.

5. Take care of User Experience

Has the percentage of users returning to your website dropped in website statistics? This may be the fault of the user experience. Google attaches great importance to the site being properly constructed and intuitive to its potential users. Check that the graphics on the page do not need to be optimized, so that the page loads for too long, and take care of the navigation and the paperwork. If this does not help, you may need to rebuild the structure of the site.