YouTube Premium – is it worth its price?

YouTube Premium – is it worth its price?

Streaming services are slowly taking over the Polish market. A few weeks ago we welcomed another one – YouTube Premium. What possibilities gives us the paid option of this application? Is it worth its price to upgrade to Premium and use its additional features?

  • Skivak
  • 01.07.2019
  • 2 minutes

YouTube without ads

While there are several ways to avoid pre-roll ads when using the desktop or mobile app, having the YouTube Premium is the only option to avoid annoying ads when using Smart TV. If we spend a lot of time on YouTube, we will certainly appreciate this option during the evening relaxation in front of the TV.

Watching offline video

Are you on holiday in a country where roaming costs a small fortune and you want to watch your favourite series in the evening? Are you looking for entertainment while you’re on a plane? You will certainly be happy to download the movie and watch it offline when and where you want.

YouTube Music

That feature allows you to listen to music in the application while the screen is off. It also allows you to create playlists for offline listening. Remember – on YouTube Music we will not find all the songs available in the main application, only those licensed and original.

YouTube gives us the option of buying only from the Music feature. On the one hand, extending it to the full Premium function is only 4pln more per month. Is it worth investing another 19.99 pln on Youtube Music with a subscription already purchased on Spotify Premium or Apple Music? Everything seems to be saying no.

YouTube Originals

The last option is access to the library of movies and series available on the YouTube Originals platform. However, compared to what Netflix or HBO Go offer us, the productions presented by YouTube are rather poor. Weird City or Cobra Kai are still not the quality that competition offers us. In addition, the video library is quite poor, and most of the production does not have Polish subtitles.

Is it worth choosing the Premium option? We are not convinced until now. The idea is very interesting, but you can not resist the impression that YouTube started with a small false start. Perhaps, with time, the library of Originals will be expanded to include more interesting productions and supplemented with Polish subtitles, and in the tariff plans there will be more profitable packages.

However, you can always use the monthly trial period after which you can decide if YouTube Premium is an option for you.