A New Strategy of the Diesel Brand

A New Strategy of the Diesel Brand

Diesel’s promotional strategies have been known to shock. In as early as 2010 the company lauched the “Be Stupid” campaign, which encouraged clients to make unwise, irresponsible and risky decisions. And now the company has a new strategy, introduced in September 2017 in Beijing. Its name is “Go With the Flaw.”

  • Karol Troszyński
  • 26.03.2018
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Now, with the ”Go With the Flaw” strategy, the brand encourages customers to accept their flaws, blemishes and dissimilarities. Diesel’s new strategy is interesting not only because of the main idea, but also because of its implementation: their latest promotional activities rely on guerrilla marketing techniques.

What is guerrilla marketing?

In guerrilla marketing, the idea counts most, because the budget is (or should be) always small. As the name suggests, guerrilla marketing focuses on activities organised in a secretive and rather irregular way, and consisting of small-scaled and spontaneous actions.

Diesel’s strategy implemented… on social media

On September 6, in accordance with the new strategy, Diesel rebooted its Instagram account, removing all previously published photos. The brand also released a short statement explaining the idea of “Go With the Flaw” – “We think that perfection is boring, especially on Instagram, where everyone is striving for it. A perfect photo, perfect picture, perfect life. We are just tired. So we decided to remove everything for an imperfect beginning.”

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Flaws go straight to the point. #GoWithTheFlaw . . . #flawsandall #flaws #lovethyself #perfectionisboring #flawsome #embraceyourself #imperfectisperfect

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…through video content

In the two-minute film by the French director François Rousselet, we observe the dance of a young man and the stories of a few people who are only seemingly incompatible with each other. Everything seems to be perfect. Mysterious shots from the home editing room are accompanied by the words: “No! No regrets. No! I will have no regrets,” sung by Edith Piaf. The shots, the set design, the costumes – everything goes very well with each other. But only up to a point, because on the 38 second mark there’s a flaw in this perfect picture.

Another material and another story. This time Diesel shows the romantic story of two people. Here, much like in the previous material, the main theme is human flaws and imperfections. However, this story has quite an (un)expected ending.

…using guerrilla marketing techniques

A month ago (in February 2018) Diesel decided to show the uniqueness of (people’s) defects through the sale of counterfeits of their clothes. In one of New York’s marketplaces, a stand appeared where one could buy clothes from the “Deisel” brand. The clothes were, however, completely original, but the typo in the brand’s logo (rightly or wrongly) implied that the clients could be dealing with inferior, defective and illegal goods.

Source of the featured photo: Diesel’s Instagram

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