Activities with influencers and micro-influencers. How to run successful campaigns with opinion leaders.

Activities with influencers and micro-influencers. How to run successful campaigns with opinion leaders.

Internet marketing is today the core of all promotional activities for small and global brands. Brands compete in ideas for the most effective and at the same time, economical and credible reach to their customers. What is the perfect combination of all these features? Cooperation with opinion leaders – influencers.

  • Skivak
  • 22.11.2019
  • 5 minutes

 One of the strongest marketing trends and at the same time the largest shopping drivers has long been recommendation marketing. The orders of family, friends or people with high social authority, i.e. doctors, teachers or specialists in specific fields, were and are the most reliable source of obtaining information about products or services. At the same time, they are also the most beneficial source for the brand itself – very often they are associated with positive post-purchase experience, thanks to which they build such an important consumer loyalty towards a brand or product.

That is why social media is one of the greatest friends of marketers today. Facebeook and Instagram users have independently selected the most credible opinion leaders – people who at first promoted products impartially and above all free of charge and indicated development directions, emphasizing the needs of consumers. Today, social media largely shapes the need, and often also the market.

Cooperation with influencers is today a great way to build, change or maintain an image, introduce a new product and encourage you to visit specific and valuable places selected from the multitude of different shops, restaurants or hotels.

How to start working with an influencer?

The basis is to set a specific goal for yourself, ask yourself or your client what is the effect of cooperation? Not always when deciding to cooperate with an influencer, we have to be guided by his ranges – sometimes cooperation with micro-influencers may prove to be more effective. Depending on whether the promotion is for local business or the launch of a product on the national market, it is worth defining the expectations that each of the opinion leaders can fulfill in different ways.

Before starting cooperation

After determining the goal of our activities, it is worth narrowing your needs and choosing specific people that match the company profile, target group and communication method of the entire marketing activities. Not only using rankings of the most influential influencers, but also smaller tools that regulate multi-channel cooperation with micro influencers. Platforms such as indahash or WhitePress are great for this.

In the next steps, check the reliability of the selected accounts. To make sure that our influencer is not so-called ‘Fake’, there are several factors to note:

  • has his account been verified by Instagram? This is indicated by a blue stamp next to the profile name.
  • is the engagement under the entries real? When the number of followers of the profile is very high (100-200K), and the number of comments and hearts under the posts is only a few thousand, we have the right to suspect that some accounts are fakes, used only to raise statistics.
  • influencer score – is an indicator showing the credibility of a given user – you can get to know him through various platforms – including Hype Auditor or InfluencerFree.

Legal issues

All activities with influencers should be secured by a specific form of contract that should govern:

  • scope,
  • detailed requirements (number of posts, photos, video materials in reports, variants of product placement)
  • the amount of remuneration (or the value of products sent for barter cooperation),
  • cooperation time (supported by a detailed publication schedule – preferably in the form of an annex to the contract),
  • form and time of materialsdelivery for acceptance,
  • possibility or lack of cooperation with competing companies when providing services to the entity we represent,
  • possible contractual penalties resulting from delays,
  • possibility of exploitation of materials that were created during cooperation, place of publication and possible further reposts
  • provisions governing copyright issues.

All of these provisions act to the benefit and protect the interests of both parties, while regulating the style and form of cooperation. Thanks to such measures, we prevent further oversights, missed dates or promotions of two competing brands on one channel, and we also have the ability to influence the content.

To sum up, to achieve success in cooperation with influencers, it is necessary to clearly define the purpose of cooperation, specify the target group to which we want to reach and verify which account has the most representatives of a given segment to which we want to reach. It is often worth engaging more than one influencer or cooperatewith many smaller (micro-influencers). Then you need to verify qualitative traffic on selected accounts, and at the last stage legally secure the interests of both parties – to avoid negative experiences during the execution of the order that could affect the quality of provide dservices.

If you want to run an action with influencers, but you are looking for people who have experience in the industry, write to us! We will certainly be able to properly plan the scheme of such cooperation!