Chwastox brand campaign (Ciech Sarzyna). Case study.

Chwastox brand campaign (Ciech Sarzyna). Case study.

Sometimes one phrase is enough to make all things clear. We have decided to implement this rule when creating a campaign for the Ciech Sarzyna brand. Read how the communication platform “IN THE END Chwastox” was created.

  • Skivak
  • 26.03.2019
  • 3 minutes


Ciech Sarzyna is a brand that specializes in production of plant protection products (AGRO) and resins. The company’s product portfolio comprises over 1000 products and their derivatives. The most important ones include AGRO brand products, e.g. Chwastox.


Refreshing the image of the Chwastox brand, the leader in the agro industry

The two faces of the leader

We wanted to present both the tradition and many years of experience (Chwastox has been produced for almost 60 years and has been used by almost three generations of farmers), as well as modernity, innovation and continuous development of CIECH Sarzyna and the company’s flagship brand. The goal was also to remind farmers, especially the youngest generation, that although there are many different foreign products on the market, Chwastox is a cereal herbicide product manufactured, used and tested in Poland, and thus perfectly adapted to Polish conditions.

Main project goals:

  • refreshing the image of the Chwastox brand, the leader in the agro industry
  • increasing the recognition of Chwastox products and presenting it as a leader among cereal herbicides in Poland
  • showing that the brand can boast many years of experience and innovative approach: continuous product development and safety of use
  • presenting a wide range of Chwastox products and highlighting their specific properties: background and proven formula, as well as an innovative attitude that allows continuous improvement of quality.

From one phrase to many actions

We have come up with a creative concept based on the phrase “IN THE END”. The communication highlighted the main product features: its proven formula, many years of experience behind the creation of the product, as well as the innovative attitude and research-development activities carried out in the CIECH Sarzyna laboratories.

In the end Chwastox

IN THE END Chwastox” has become the main slogan of the commercial broadcast in the mainstream TV stations and thematic channels (among others, TVP1, TVP3, TVP INFO, TV4, Polsat, Kino Polska, Kino TV). It is supported by a display campaign, advertisements in trade press, leaflets, rollups, banners, counter stands, wobblers, social media activity, as well as radio advertising (the first program of Polish Radio and RMF FM).

The created communication platform connects the worlds of tradition and modernity, trust and experiment, certainty and curiosity, between which is Chwastox – the flagship product of CIECH Sarzyna, which successfully supports the next generation of farmers.


We will be able to discuss them at a later date, as the campaign is still going on.

IN THE END, we are convinced that it will be a good time for the Chwastox and CIECH Sarzyna brand. Look for our Chwastox TV commercial for Ciech Sarzyna during the commercial break!