Customer post-purchase experience part 1?

Customer post-purchase experience part 1?

It cannot be hidden that we are a consumer society. Every day we consume millions of content that the Internet provides to us. We buy products without leaving home, by phone, tablet or computer. We also provide millions of content ourselves that reach various communities – closer and completely unknown to us.

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  • 13.08.2019
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Our global population counts 7,7 billion people and about 25 percent of world’s population periodically are shopping online. Currently, it is the most convenient form of purchase, which is increasingly adapted to the needs of customers. Brands double and triple to meet the expectations of their customers and keep them with them as long as possible. Especially that they will generate a flow of new customers who in turn will bring new ones.

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Fortunately, a large group of specialists is devoted to the field of e-commerce, thanks to which its popularity is increasing day by day, and customers can enjoy intuitive platforms that make it easier for them to go through the entire shopping path. Before we discuss the issues of customers’ post-purchase experience, we must go through the entire path of an effective sales platform from the beginning.

Think carefully! User Experience.

When designing a website that offers the sale of products or services, we must keep in mind the appropriate features that will allow our potential customers to navigate it seamlessly, and thus – make purchases in the most intuitive way possible. And that’s where UX – User Experience comes in. Its main assumption is to remove obstacles that can prevent the finalization of the order, as well as to reduce the steps required from the customer. In short – it is the design of the road leading to the purchase, which is to be the simplest and most convenient, regardless of whether it is crossed by mobile or desktop.

It’s already happening! Consumer Journey.

Imagine a situation in which the customer has already reached our website and is just looking at our extensive offer and is even considering buying a product. Now ATTENTION, it is this MOMENT that for a brand is to be or not to be.

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We already know that our client has gone some way and has just reached the point where it began to fork, and the direction indicator before the fork indicates only two options: buy and not buy.

This is the moment when WE have to stop him for a longer time, cause him to turn right behind the direction indicator with the words “buy” and further after completing the transaction wants to stay with us even longer. Why? Because it is his post-purchase experience, which he shares with others, in various areas of the Internet, will lead the next customers the same way towards purchase, and thus profit for our company.

You can find more about Customer Journey in our article here.

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And after the purchase? Consumer Journey Loop.

Consumer Journey Loop is the path the customer is following in relation to the brand. Its individual stages (in a nutshell) are: awareness, consideration of purchase, purchase, post-purchase experience and loyalty.

Let’s design this situation: The customer has made a purchase, so several stages of Consumer Journey Loop are behind us. We attracted his attention, we went through the stage of consideration with a positive result, the purchase has already been made … and now the door to huge possibilities opens up for us – time for after-shopping experiences, which we will tell you in the second part of the article.


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