Customer post-purchase experience part 2

Customer post-purchase experience part 2

Currently, opinion is an extremely valuable currency in many areas of Internet activity. Companies are ready to offer high discounts, free product samples or other freebies for these few positive words on the Internet about their products. Why? Let’s look at this issue.

  • Skivak
  • 20.08.2019
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These few words

Before we make a purchase in the online store, we read reviews about the desired product. We browse social media brands, make reports, look at price comparison websites, read internet forums or opinion portals. It is only when we recognize that most of them speak in favor of the product, we decide to buy. And it is these few words written by Mrs. Angie from Poland or Kate from London that make us buy relying on the opinions of others, because we simply believe in the words of other customers who, like us, wanted to buy a product, did research, bought it and further communicate their opinion to the world.


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Influencer marketing

Organic opinions from customers are very valuable for the brand, but they are very difficult to get, so, as in the great world of ruthless competition on the market, it happens … you have to deal with it. And here people for hire come to the rescue – Influencers.

Often influencers contribute to the fact that we decided to buy a product of a given brand. They influence our decisions by advertising specific products on their social media profiles. Companies are eager to cooperate with influencers who are in line with the mission and values ​​of the brand, and thus, increase the sales of products they receive from brands for free or in barter form.

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Why do they have such a huge impact on the purchase? Because of its popularity. Users treat Influencers like an oracle, if they liked the product, it means it’s certainly good, they wouldn’t lie to publicly risking their names, right?

More recently, Influencer marketing has gone through a delicate crisis that has threatened to completely lose credibility in the online environment. Intensive sponsorship of many products from various brands did not result in an increase in engagement and sales, and even on the contrary – sales stood in place, and followers dropped. Not long ago, the Internet was bursting at the seams of sharing the story of an Influencer from Asia, who via Instagram sold t-shirts of her new ERA brand, and despite 2 million followers, she failed to sell the minimum number of products required to start production on a larger scale.

You can find a few words about Influencers in our earlier article, here.

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Micro Influencers

And this is how a huge space for Micro influencers, who began to gain more and more popularity among Internet users, because of their naturalness, has become. Micro influencers do not have millions of followers, they are not artificial in producing content, and even one could easily say that they create the impression of stronger identification with followers. Brands have become more and more willing to enter into cooperation with Micro influencers, offering them their products for free, and further appreciating their honest opinions about them. Sales increased, the number of customers increased, everyone was satisfied 😊

And why is it worth entering into cooperation with micro influencers? You can read about it here.

Bad practices

There are also bad practices that use companies to get as much feedback from customers as they look organic, but … they are not. The use of word-of-mouth marketing has still not gone out of fashion, but it has changed shape. Currently, whispers are practiced on internet forums where Users make inquiries about a given product or service. Fake accounts are created on a mass scale that add fictitious (usually only positive) opinions about the brand, want to attract as many new customers as possible and boost sales. The trained eye of the marketer will immediately notice that the given opinion is fake, but not every Internet user will succeed. And as we know – a lot of positive opinions about a poor quality product bodes either a ban or a crisis 😉

You’d better look at good practices, and we write about them here.



If we run any business on the Internet, let’s rely on real, organic opinions that will bring us many customers, even negative ones, seriously – as a brand we can always take our position on this topic and solve the problem, apologize, give free or discount 😉 But above all let’s focus on building a relationship among our fans, customers or followers. Let it be permanent, let our brand appear in the minds of our customers right away, as the first thought when defining a given need, let this bond be loyal. Both ways. Let’s take care of our clients, don’t let them go to the competition, let’s create brand ambassadors (you can read more about them here), listen and read their opinions, if they are negative, let’s change something in our business. Let’s follow the good old: The customer is always right – then success is guaranteed 😉

We know what we are writing because we have already written about it here.


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And for the dessert: CX

Are you wondering how to do all this? How to get ahead of the facts? How to think as a customer? Nothing easier! To help you: Customer Experience – CX. This is a further stage of the road, which is important for websites offering products or services. It is on the basis of Customer Experience, that is, when interacting with the brand, the best solutions leading to purchase are designed. The interaction between the customer and the company can take place in the form of three methods: through the road that the customer travels, contact points with the brand and the reality that the customer encounters.

You will take all these paths with the right tools, and then the solutions will come to their own 😊 If you are looking for help with UX, Customer Journey or CX – you know where to find us: 😉