Holidays in Social Media

Holidays in Social Media

The holiday season is very intense for many industries. It also does not spare marketers, who think about it after returning from summer holidays in August. Intensely they go into their heads – how to be noticed among the huge offers this year, how to bring them to conversion, how to be remembered and get the prize for the best Christmas campaign and to blow up the nose of the competition 😉 Can Christmas in Social Media be successful? Let’s see!

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  • 17.12.2019
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Ho ho ho!

Viral can happen. Seriously! The holiday season is a great opportunity to create a creative advertising campaign that will be remembered for a very long time and not much – it will gain more shares than Jennifer Aniston’s profile on Instagram (we joke – nobody will beat that). A great example is the Allegro Christmas campaign, which not only promotes the brand, but also draws attention to the basic aspect of holidays – i.e. the time of relationships with loved ones.

Allegro campaign from 2016, which gained 1.3 million views, 14 thousand Shares and 25,000 reaction on Facebook and launched a certain direction of advertising campaigns in video format, which the brand faithfully adheres to:

Allegro campaign from 2019:

There are no holidays without … Coca Cola ads!

Holidays are a great time for advertising campaigns to sink in our minds for longer and even … become a kind of symbol. This is what Coca-Cola has managed to achieve, which opens the Christmas season with a television truck campaign. Everyone is waiting for this moment with undisguised enthusiasm (as in the case of the first listening to the song Wham!) However, let’s not forget that the brand conducts integrated marketing activities around the holidays and uses its potential to the maximum in the area of ​​social media.

On Facebook, you can vote for your city, where the Coca-Cola holiday truck should come. The post has been on the web since November 18, and so far has collected 133,000. comments!

A truck in your city

Coca-Cola also doesn’t forget to reward its fans. Another Christmas action in which you can win a characteristic white teddy bear encourages you to buy a product and count on a Christmas miracle, which will hide under the bottle cap in the form of a code that must be entered in a dedicated application. Of course – you still need to download the application.

Coca-Cola definitely beats everyone in terms of marketing activities during the holiday season. No wonder, after all, there is no Christmas without … Coca-Cola advertising.

Of course, let’s not forget the characteristic sentence: Christmas is getting closer 😉

Limited edition

Many brands decide to brand their products with a festive deisign. This is not only to increase their sales, but also to activate collectors and fans in social media, who will be happy to share product photos on their profiles, thereby driving sales.

Pepsi- Christmas can

The festive design of the products will also be great for the holiday table, perfectly matching the decor, so – it urges you to buy, as well as take a photo and share on your social media profiles … Coca-Cola, guided by this thought, created a dedicated hashtag on Instagram #Carer Closer Holidays and collects content from fans, happy to share these better photos on their official profile:

Świąteczny design produktów również doskonale sprawdzi się na świątecznym stole, idealnie wpasowując się w wystrój, a więc – namawia do zakupu, a także zrobienia zdjęcia i udostepnienia na swoich profilach w social media… Coca-Cola kierując się tą myślą, na Instagramie utworzyła dedykowany hashtag #CorazBliżejŚwięta i zbiera content od fanów, chętnie udostępniając te lepsze foto na swoim oficjalnym profilu:


Wyświetl ten post na Instagramie.


Świąteczna puszka Coca-Cola? Check! Głośny okrzyk ho ho ho? Jest! Lista prezentów dla najbliższych? Jest! My już jesteśmy gotowi na to, że #CorazBliżejŚwięta! 🎅 Foto: @gosia.nowodworska ❤️ #cocacolapolska #tastethefeeling

Post udostępniony przez Coca-Cola Polska (@cocacolapolska)

Perfect products for everyone

Holidays are such a time of the year that products can prove that your products are perfect for everyone. Literally. And here comes the deep CSR, which is focused, among others Zalando. The products that the platform distributes will be perfect for any race, for any age, for any sex, etc. In this sales platform – everyone will find something for themselves, and above all, you will find something for everyone and for yourself. And all this in a festive spirit. See Zalando’s advertisement from last year:

Zalando Always fashionable

and from this year:


Dessert well known to all!

Of course, a large advertising campaign in a festive atmosphere directed to various media must not lack known faces – actors, musicians, celebrities, influencers, etc. They are the model for customers and also have a huge impact on their purchasing decisions. Why wouldn’t they recommend the brand’s product to a wider audience on their social media profiles? Brands also willingly decide to cross content with the stars in their channels during the holiday season. 

It’s a kind of win-win situation – the stars are gaining new fans and publicity, the brand has more sales, and we … enjoy the well-organized advertising campaign 😉

This year’s Play with a TV and YouTube campaign:

And further use of the potential of the stars on the video cover on Facebook:

Always the first!

The period of Christmas and New Year’s Eve is also a time when many couples get engaged. This is favored by the circumstances, the presence of the family and the determination of the gentlemen, who thus have a gift for the ladies out of their heads. Of course, this is not only the time for the engagement, but also a hot period in which women expect beautiful gifts, and gentlemen are eager to decide on jewelry, in the selection of which will be always helped by competent service in the brand’s salon.

In Poland, the Apart brand takes priority on the market in implementing the Christmas marketing strategy, which begins to thrive after November 2. The brand’s Christmas content can be viewed in various ATL and BTL advertising formats at every step.

Apart FB:

Apart YT


We are convinced that every industry will find a way to creatively present its offer to customers in a festive spirit. Believe us, marketers are rubbing their hands to be able to implement a good Christmas campaign for your business.