Jasmeen – case study

Jasmeen – case study

In the communication between the users and the brand their mutual relationship counts. The greatest success that can be achieved is the moment when this relationship becomes inseparable, satisfies mutual needs, and creates an unlimited field of trust. We build such a relationship in the communication of the Jasmeen brand and its target group. We focus on proximity.

  • Skivak
  • 29.07.2019
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About the brand

The Jasmeen brand is a whole range of oriental products ranging from hummus to baba ghannoush. Brands products based on traditional recipes of Middle Eastern cuisine, paying a lot of attention to high-quality ingredients.


We decided to use it in the strategy by offering the brand communication, in which proximity is important. In the Middle Eastern cuisine, meals are eaten together, in the circle of close relatives, it is the food culture. Jasmeen is not only an offer of oriental flavors hidden in the products of the brand, it is also an open invitation to the table, which will seat a whole bunch of loved ones to spend a nice time with good food, which despite geographical distance, is on the plate HERE and NOW.

woman holding a bean can, jasmeen products


Our goal was to strengthen the brand’s message about the availability of products, increase coverage and awareness, as well as engaging users to interact with it.

We have created a slogan bliżej orientu (closer to the Orient), giving the brand a friendly overtone of communication in which it wants recipients to be stimulated by an oriental accent of dishes, recipes and tips using brand products, being fully aware that they are within their reach.

The Jasmeen brand also decided to cooperate with Samar Khanafer – a finalist of the 3rd edition of MasterChef (polish tv show), appointing her the Ambassador of the Brand of oriental flavors using her knowledge of the products, dishes and customs prevailing in Lebanon

Woman with Jasmeen products, grocery products


In cooperation with Jasmeen and Samar Khanafer, we created an advertising film for this brand and a series of long video formats with author’s Samar recipes, using brand products that are published on the Jasmeen YouTube channel and promoted in its Social Media channels. In addition, we have created numerous accompanying materials for the brand with the participation of the Ambassador, in the form of short video formats of a DIY nature, visually attractive cinemagraphs and teasers encouraging to get to know the brand more closely. According to the big idea, the course of the work on the set will also be published, in the form of engaging video making of material, on the brand’s communication channels.

We implement the communication strategy through social media channels: Facebook and Instagram, which publish inspirational, lifestyle, educational and brand products posts. Among the published content, apart from video formats, there are also professional photos of dishes prepared by Samar Khanafer, backstage materials from the plan and static graphics with inspirations for dishes with using brands products.

In order to strengthen the relationship between the user and the brand, we have created a dedicated group on facebook, where we share tips, recipes and culinary inspirations from the Middle Eastern Cuisine. The brand’s activities on the group are supported by the Ambassador who also eagerly shares her know-how with the brand’s fans by enriching the content with her own culinary experience.

An additional support for brand communication on the Internet is designed by SKIVAK Landing Page, which includes Samar Khanafer recipes with the presentation of brand products used and video material, in which the Ambassador prepares the given dish.

Jasmeen landing page on a tablet


The brand commenced communication on June 10, 2019, so we are just starting with communication, but right now:

– her profile on Facebook has currently collected 147 followers, and the largest range of the content was 29 196,

– 68 members are actively involved in the group,

– the profile on Instagram is followed by 302 users,

– the first published movie with the recipe on the YT channel received 26,728 views and the users watched over 85% of the content. It gathered 36 subscribers,

– landing page, in the last 30 days, has been visited by 227 active users.


There is still a lot of work ahead of us, but today we invite you to learn about the world of flavors of Middle Eastern cuisine. Look for Jasmeen on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and on the website. And if you want to share the recipe, join the group.

Be closer to the Orient with the Jasmeen brand.


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