Tools that support creative work

Tools that support creative work

Creative work is definitely full of challenges. How to cope with them? It’s best to make your life easier! Especially in situations where deadlines, asaps and others … are on our shoulders. Check what tool supports creative work in a digital environment.

  • Skivak
  • 12.12.2019
  • 4 minutes

In the beginning there was chaos

If you are not the type of perfectly organized person whose order is the basis, and even more inclined to the term artistic mess, do not worry, this is also the way and here comes irreplaceable Milanote.

This tool allows you to store everything in one place – graphics, content plans, pdfs, etc. You can also create task lists and uncheck them on a regular basis. It’s not everything! Visually, this tool also allows you a lot of convenience – you can set folder icons yourself, but also build your task trees. Of course – you can share the space with a team of colleagues, but you don’t have to.

Milanote dashboard screen


I have no words…

Are you missing the right words in the next copy you create on asap? Be sure to check out the Synonyms and let yourself be surprised by the number of variants for a given word! That’s not all, you can also drill down in search of inspiration by clicking on one synonym for the searched phrase and finding more synonyms for it. Revelation! Especially when you write the same article for the tenth time, but to another source.

Synonyms home page


I need nice graphics quickly, but the graphic designer has no time

A great service comes to your aid, which has many beautiful templates perfectly tailored to your needs. You can design social media graphics, greeting cards, invitations, documents and more. In addition, you do not have to use templates, you can also use your own creative power and design everything from the beginning. Be sure to check what Canva offers you.

canva dashboard seen o different devices



The customer wants to see the changes on a regular basis

Improving the form of communication with the client can be a challenge, but here also a great set from Google comes in handy. You can create documents, spreadsheets and presentations, as well as use Google’s storage space through which you can send heavy files to your clients. In documents, spreadsheets and presentations that you share with the appropriate permissions – the client can make changes in editing or add comments on a regular basis! Be sure to check out what Google offers you for free.

Google free apps / tools


I want cool icons

Do you make a presentation and willingly enrich it with interesting theme icons? Flaticon comes to the rescue. The free version allows you to download free icons in png format, and their selection is really huge! All you have to do is enter a key phrase in the search engine and browse as much as you can for the site. Some free icons (depending on the style) you can also edit and change their color. And if you do not want to use them now, and leave them for later – just add them to your collection.

flaticon icons on front page